Eminem’s absence from Sunday night’s Academy Awards prompted plenty of speculation: Was this a strategy to retain his street cred (and avoid wearing a tux), or has he won too many awards to keep track?

Or, better yet, was the guy just tired?

Whatever the case, Eminem was apparently caught napping by his Oscar-night upset. While Barbra Streisand was reading off his name as the Oscar winner for Best Original Song for “Lose Yourself” from his semi-autobiographical movie “8 Mile,” the Detroit rapper was dozing at his home in Oakland Township, Mich., with the TV tuned to cartoons for his daughter, Hailie, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The pop star and budding actor (real name: Marshall Mathers), 30, had earlier decided to sit out the swank ceremony, deciding it “wasn’t his sort of gig,” the paper notes. As a result, a seemingly shocked Streisand wound up presenting the golden statuette for “Lose Yourself” to co-writer Luis Resto.

“He’s creative, he has symphonies in his head,” Resto said at the podium. “He’s a good man, good heart.”