Eminem Gets Welcomes and Warnings

Ever-controversial Eminem is receiving guarded welcomes in London and Down Under. The rapper has been warned that his chainsaw-wielding act in London, scheduled for Aug. 23, must meet local safety regulations or else it will be stopped mid-concert, a civic spokesman told Reuters. “We are not out to spoil anyone’s fun,” insisted Ivor Jones. “Our paramount concern is the safety of the performer and the audience.” In Australia, it was announced on Wednesday that the country had granted a visa to Eminem after he promised to be on his best behavior during a tour this month. The country’s leading family lobby group, Australian Family Association, had sought for him to be barred because of the explicit nature of his lyrics and the same chainsaw that worries Londoners. Meanwhile, Kim Mathers, Eminem’s estranged wife, has been charged with drug possession after police in Michigan say they found a bag with a “white powdery substance” in the back of a patrol car that had taken her into custody for questioning. “The drugs were not hers,” Mathers’s lawyer, James Andary, told the Detroit News after his client’s arraignment on Monday. Police say that Mathers and a friend were walking in Macomb County’s Harrison Township on July 8 when police approached and questioned them about an earlier accident involving a jet ski.

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