Don’t look for Eminem to get the key to Daytona Beach, Fla. The controversial rapper and Grammy winner, 28, offended the town’s mayor, Bud Asher, with some onstage profanity during a concert filmed on Friday before an estimated 100,0000 spring-breakers at the annual Black College Reunion for Black Entertainment Television. His outburst, the precise words of which have not been reported, also included drug references and came during the performance of the song “Purple Pill.” “(Eminem) would definitely not be welcome back to perform,” Hizzoner told reporters afterward. “Evidently this guy is a renegade and he does whatever he wants.” Evidently, but with some reservation . . . Could this be a NEW Eminem? BET officials told the Associated Press that they asked the musician to tone down his language after he delivered the number that had so inflamed the local politico — and Eminem performed the song again, and this time acceded to their wishes. “We just wanted to make sure the mayor’s fears were assuaged,” said BET spokesman Robert Santwer. Eminem was part of a hip-hop and R&B bill o’fare that included Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot and Nelly Furtado. (Their performances — minus the profanity — are all due to air on BET next month.) “He’s got a job to do, he’s got a city to represent,” Snoop said of Mayor Asher, “so I respect that.”