Fit Mom Emily Breeze Lifts Around 100 Lbs. While 38 Weeks Pregnant

This CrossFit athlete isn't letting her pregnancy slow her down

Photo: Emily Breeze/InstaGram

Lifting 100 lbs. while 38 weeks pregnant? It’s a breeze.

Fit mom-to-be Emily Breeze Ross, a two-time CrossFit Games competitor and personal trainer, is wowing her 21,400 Instagram followers by continuing to do her intense CrossFit workouts just two weeks away from her due date.

In a new video, she does burpees (while carefully avoiding dropping all the way to her stomach) and power cleans with around 100 lbs. on the bar.

“Fitness and staying on your grind is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about,” Ross, 31, captions the video. “But the hardest thing in the world to do.”

She’s kept up her fitness throughout her pregnancy, except for a short, five-day break last week because of a sciatic nerve issue.

“After taking 5 days off from the gym (probably the longest ever) and focusing on healing my sciatic nerve/ pregnancy issue – I felt so much better this morning!!” she captioned a video of herself getting right back into her fitness routine, doing cleans and jerks with a barbell weighing over 100 lbs.

“I had some free time between clients so I decided to see what my body was interested in doing!” she continued. “I am beyond happy to just move after these past 5 days!! This makes me so thankful for my health, it truly is everything!!”

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Ross is thrilled with what she’s been able to do during her pregnancy, and, with her doctor’s permission, she has just been slightly modifying her moves if her growing belly gets in the way.

“Working out during pregnancy helps me mentally and physically, and I am so thankful for my doctors, nurses, coaches and friends who support me and continue to lift me up,” she writes. “Strong mommies make strong babies!!”

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