At one point, Estevez called for the flying V
Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

Other than The Breakfast Club, Emilio Estevez‘s best-known role is probably that of Gordon Bombay in the Disney classic The Mighty Ducks – and he seems to be embracing it.

Estevez, 53, acted as a major Twitter cheerleader for the Anaheim Ducks during their recent Game 5 overtime win over the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals.

The actor started out using his character’s name as a hashtag

before progressing to more general references from the film.

And he was magnanimous mid-game, congratulating the Hawks on a well-played second period.

He invoked the classic “quack” chant at one point as well.

Whether Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau was aware of Estevez’s advice and considered the “Flying V” formation remains unclear.

Elated at the team’s eventual win, Estevez let slip some decidedly un-Disney trash talk.

If Lori Loughlin has any interest in live-Tweeting a BMX event, we could probably make that happen.