Elvis's Stuff Has Left the Building

For Elvis-impersonator Anthony Ciaglia, a dream came true on Saturday night: For $8,500 he outbid the competition to buy one of the King’s sleek black polyester shirts from the ’60s. Ciaglia, 22, told Reuters that he doesn’t know whether he’ll wear it or put it on a pedestal. Ciaglia was one of hundreds of people — ranging from corporate execs to diehard fans — who over the weekend turned a ballroom at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand Hotel into a miniature Graceland. The 3-day auction raised around $4.5 million for a Memphis housing project for the homeless. During the course of the sale:

  • A man claiming to represent Georges Marciano, the founder of Guess Jeans, paid $47,500 Saturday for a collection of 33 movie posters — one for each film Elvis made.
  • Unidentified buyers paid $10,000 for a guitar pick used by Elvis, $25,000 for a pair of his black satin pajamas and a red pillow case (monogrammed “EP”) and $35,000 for a red coat with a black fur cape.
  • Elvis’s battery-operated Hamilton wristwatch went for $36,875; a rocking chair, $19,550; and a plain humidor with a brass plaque, $28,750. In addition to the purchase price, buyers also had to pay a 15% premium to Guernsey’s auction house plus the local sales tax.
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