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August 12, 2015 04:00 PM

On Thursday, Graceland is auctioning off a new batch of Elvis Presley memorabilia, primarily from private collections, which means if you’re an Elvis fan with a lot of money, you’d better hightail down to Memphis, Tennessee, or eBay on Thursday at 8 p.m.

Here’s a selection of items Graceland Auctions has allowed us to showcase for you. Slide on over to either the eBay auction listing or Graceland Auctions’ site for the complete listing of items, which includes clothing, records and all manner of Presley ephemera – including an original copy of the hotel receipt for Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding. (By the way, our birthday is coming up. Hint, hint.)

Diamond and Gold ‘TCB’ Necklace

Courtesy Graceland Auction

First of all, what a necklace. Second of all, are you familiar with the relationship between Sammy Davis Jr. and Elvis? From the eBay listing: “Once Elvis gave Sammy a black sapphire ring and told him, ‘This is the biggest black star I’ve ever seen so I’m giving it to the biggest black star I know.’ ”

This 14-karat yellow, gold and diamond necklace was acquired from Davis’ widow; it is emblazoned with “TCB” and a lightning bolt, which, as any Presley fan knows, stands for “Taking Care of Business in a Flash.” As eBay notes, “People that knew [Presley and Davis] described the two as ‘magic together.’ ” Capture that magic with a starting bid of $10,000.

Viva Las Vegas Dance Scene Jacket

Courtesy Graceland Auction

“It’s a scene that captured Elvis at the peak of his powers,”the eBay listing states of Presley’s dance scene with Ann-Margret in Jailhouse Rock. This jacket, created by Hollywood wardrobe designer Sy Devore in 1963, can be yours for a starting bid of $15,000.

Gold Owl Ring

Courtesy Graceland Auction

This yellow gold owl-shaped ring was spontaneously gifted to Connie Murray Denny by Elvis during a May 1973 concert. Apparently Presley tossed a red scarf into the crowd during his concert, and two girls started fighting over it. Denny grabbed the scarf and King Solomoned it, ripping it in half and giving one half to each girl. Presley apparently appreciated this and handed the owl ring over to Denny after the show. Starting bid: $7,500.

‘TCB’ Smith & Wesson .38 Caliber Pistol

Courtesy Graceland Auction

This is a 1969 Smith & Wesson Model 36 .38 caliber pistol with custom “TCB” grip that Elvis gave to a TWA captain, and the story behind it is amazing. From Graceland Auctions:

“In late December 1970 [the TWA captain] was working a flight from Baltimore to Kansas City when he was informed that a VIP passenger was on board with a firearm. Elvis was brought to the cockpit to meet the captain, at which time he explained that he had just been in Washington, D.C., to meet with President Nixon.”

“He [relayed] that as a result of that meeting he was now cleared to carry a concealed weapon on the flight. Elvis had just acquired his Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (forerunner to the DEA) badge during his now-famous meeting with the President, and this is most likely what he showed the captain. The captain acquiesced to Elvis’ request, and even went so far as to smooth it over with the captain of Elvis’ connecting flight in Kansas City. As a gesture of thanks, Elvis presented the captain with the weapon here offered.”

Starting bid: $12,000.

Elvis’ Karate Card

Courtesy Graceland Auction

This card is from 1971 and certifies Presley as a Fourth Dan (level) Black Belt in Pasawon System Karate. It is also accompanied by an amazing story about Elvis from his friend and part-time security guard Leland Ricketts. From Graceland Auctions:

“[During Elvis’ midnight show on Feb. 18, 1973], four men from Los Angeles rushed onto the stage to attack Elvis. They jumped onto the stage one at a time to attract the bodyguards, and the last one was to take on Elvis ‘to show him up as a phony at karate’ and as he approached Elvis, he [Elvis], with one karate kick, sent the man off the stage and into the audience.”

Starting bid: $2,500.

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