A fan of Elvis Presley has just received a letter from him — 39 years after asking for his autograph for her 11th birthday in 1960. Karen Golz, who was living in what was then West Germany (where Presley served in the military with other American GIs), admitted she “cried a little” back then on her birthday when no reply came, Britain’s Mirror newspaper reports. In fact, Presley had replied, but the letter was mislaid by the landlady of his army accommodation. When the landlady died, relatives gave Presley memorabilia to the local Presley club, which found the letter and spent weeks tracking down the little girl to whom it was addressed. The Mirror quoted Karen, now 50, as saying: “My eyes filled with tears when I received the letter and realized that Elvis had written back to me after all.”

  • Elvis, who died in 1977, signed the missive “Your friend Elvis” and added a handwritten note saying: “Dear Karen, May you have a very happy birthday — and lots of Teddy Bears,” a reference to one of his hits. The Mirror said the letter was one of only five such personal ones by the King still in existence.