Elton John: Married Life Is Great

The singer and his husband, David Furnish, get ready to celebrate their first anniversary

Elton John, 59, and David Furnish, 44, who wed on December 21, 2005 – the first day same-sex marriages were made legal in the UK – have only good things to say about married life.

“This year has gone so quickly and it has been a great year for us,” John told PEOPLE in London at the screening of their latest film production, It’s a Boy Girl Thing.

“We feel great and we’re going to Venice to celebrate our anniversary and have a very quiet dinner together,” said John. “We’re very happy.”

Furnish, who co-produced the film with John, added: “(We’re) very content and very nicely settled.”

It’s a Boy Girl Thing is a comedy about teenagers who find they’ve swapped bodies, but John was quick to give the credit to his partner for the film. “It’s David’s (movie),” the singer told reporters. “(He) really does most of the work and I just have all the credit at the end as a producer. I just helped get the music together and gave him moral support while he was making it.”

But to Furnish, John’s involvement was much more significant. “I really do value his input because he has such fantastic instincts on what people would like and love,” he told reporters.

Up next for the happy couple is next summer’s Concert for Diana, which is being organized by Princes William and Harry in honor of their mother, Princess Diana.

“I’ve only just been asked to (be involved) and I’ve said yes,” said John. “There might be a role for me doing an MC bit and linking it all together, which I don’t mind doing. It’s going to be fun. It’s the princes’ choice of acts and if I can help them coordinate, because I have proper experience in that, I will.”

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