Elton John publicly mulled over adopting a South African orphan during a BBC TV interview, but ultimately he hasn’t reached a decision in the matter. The pop star revealed that his companion, filmmaker David Furnish, showed him a photo of an orphan, “who is the cutest 4-year-old little boy called Elton, funny enough . . . and it is so tempting to say, ‘Well, it would be lovely to adopt this boy.’ But on the other hand, I’m 53, nearly 54, and very set in my ways.” Besides, he added, “To bring a 4-year-old into the limelight over here and to completely change his world, I don’t think I could cope with that and I just think it would be unfair.” Possibly, he said, he could act as a godfather. Sir Elton also spoke of the heart pacemaker for which he was fitted last year. Rather than slow him down, he said, “It’s actually sped me up” — and he referred to himself a “the bionic woman.”