Elon Musk's Ex Says They Could Get Back Together – After He's Spotted with Amber Heard

Tech billionaire Elon Musk and actress Talulah Riley are divorcing for the second time

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Third time’s the charm?

Talulah Riley tells the Daily Mail that a reconciliation with husband Elon Musk is not out of the question, even though they’re currently embroiled in their second divorce.

“I mean, never say never,” she said of possibly reigniting the romance. “Marriage is a social construct, but I still believe in it. Elon and I are best friends. We still see each other all the time and take care of each other.”

Riley, a 30-year-old actress known for roles in Inception and Pride & Prejudice, first married Musk in 2010. They divorced just two years later, but eventually remarried in July 2013. Riley filed for divorce again in March.

“If this could continue indefinitely it would be lovely,” she said of her current correspondence with the billionaire businessman. “When you’ve been with someone for eight years on and off, you really learn how to love them. He and I are very good at loving each other.”

Despite a positive relationship with her ex, though, Riley said she thinks the divorce is “the right decision.”

“Presumably with all divorces there is [sadness],” she told the Mail. “But on balance we’re both really happy.”

Late last month, Musk was spotted at the same hotel as Amber Heard, who is also going through a divorce from Johnny Depp, in Miami.

Although the sighting drew headlines, a source told PEOPLE that the tech guru is not dating Heard. “Amber and Elon are friends and have been for a few years,” the source said. “Their work schedules overlapped in Florida over the weekend – Elon was there for the SpaceX launch and Amber was there with her sister for a shoot.”

After finding out they were booked at the same hotel, the Delano South Beach, Heard and Musk used the venue to hang out for privacy. Additionally, Musk let Heard and her sister use his room.

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Musk, 45, was married once before, to Justine Musk, with whom he shares five sons. Riley will particularly miss her relationship with the boys, she said, telling the Mail, “I love them very much – I’ve spent the past eight years raising them.”

Now, Riley is focused on her debut romance novel Acts of Love, which centers on an Englishwoman in a relationship with an older, Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

The similarities between her own romance and her protagonist’s, however, are coincidental, Riley said.

“I don’t consider writing the book as therapy,” she added.

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