Ellie Goulding on Being a Role Model and 'Those' Relationships with Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran

"I don't want girls to get to my age and feel like they're not pretty enough, not thin enough, or they're not good enough for something or someone," Goulding tells Seventeen

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson/Seventeen

Ellie Goulding takes being a role model very seriously.

“I don’t want girls to get to my age and feel like they’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, or they’re not good enough for something or someone,” Goulding says in the April issue of Seventeen.

“I’m naturally compassionate – that’s something I really like about myself. I always consider other people before myself, and I think that’s what I try to do with my music,” says Goulding, 29, of the importance of her music having a positive message.

“I want to write lyrics that girls can relate to. I’m a girl; I know how hard it is … If girls are anything like me when I was a teenager, then I want them to know everything is going to be okay.”

Although she s been in an on and off relationship with Dougie Poynter for close to two years now, people are still interested in the British singer’s past. She opened up about who she has – and has not – dated in the issue.

On One Direction’s Niall Horan, Goulding says: “We’re still friends. We went on a few dates, and it was really fun. He’s a really, really lovely guy. He’s got the biggest sense of humor, he’s very caring, and I see him as a genuine friend in the industry.”

Goulding also cleared the air about her relationship with Ed Sheeran and rumors her song “On My Mind” is about him.

“We’ve known each other for a few years. I think he’s a really nice guy and a brilliant musician. We’ve bumped into each other and we’ve hung out and stuff, but the thing is if I hang out with someone, it’s instantly like I’m “dating” them. We were never in a relationship. My song is not about him.”

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