Fans speculated that Ellie Goulding was lip syncing during her Australian Football League Grand Final performance after some audio issues
Credit: Quinn Rooney/Getty

Don’t call her Milli Vanilli – Ellie Goulding swears she doesn’t lip-sync.

After an audio snafu left the 28-year-old silent during her Australian Football League Grand Final performance on Saturday, fans took to Twitter to speculate if Goulding had been lip-syncing.

While Goulding was onstage at Melbourne’s MCG stadium, two of her popular singles – “Love Me Like You Do” and “Burn” – began to play simultaneously. Goulding and her band stood quietly. Both tracks then cut out, and she then started performing “Love Me Like You Do.”

“Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment,” Goulding later tweeted with a smiley face.

The British singer then retweeted several positive fan messages about her performance.

“I give 100 percent in my performances even when people don’t give much back. My fans know that,” she added. “That’s because I love what I do so much.”

Goulding then revealed that she’d been “unwell” in the week leading up to the show.

“I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz today,” she wrote, before joking, “Incidentally the sound guy who pressed playback twice and triggered both band tracks simultaneously is nowhere to be seen …”

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Goulding released the first single from her upcoming third album, Delirium, at the end of September. In the music video for “On My Mind,” the songstress is stuck in a relationship with a controlling Las Vegas casino owner.

Despite Internet speculation, Goulding insisted the anthem was not inspired by any ex-loves.