"I'm insanely grateful," says the 21-year-old, "but its just like, 'Really? Are you sure?' "
Credit: Courtesy Teen Vogue

Ellen Page may be one of Hollywood’s youngest and hottest actresses, but the 21-year old sometimes is humbled by her star status.

Talking to the May issue of Teen Vogue, the Juno Oscar-nominee admits she’s “insanely grateful” but sometimes can’t believe the accolades – especially when they’re coming from people she admires.

“The Barbara Walters interview, the Academy luncheon, meeting Sissy Spacek – there have been all these moments that it’s really hard to wrap my head around,” she says. “To be recognized with these women that I have so much respect for, it feels wrong, in a way. I’m insanely grateful, but its just like, ‘Really? Are you sure?’ “

Going glam also feels a little wrong to Page – at least, doing it every day. “[Work] is the only time I get dressed up,” she says.

And while she has no complaints about her fame, Page also admits to sometimes wondering what it would’ve been like to attend college. Not that she isn’t content with her current path: “I think it’s a matter of the grass is always greener,” she says, adding, “Not that I don’t think that the grass I’m on right now is completely green. It is.”

This month Page stars in Smart People, which was actually shot before Juno. As for the future, she looks forward to her “post-Juno roles as well as other opportunities that come with her fame.

“It’s cool to be able to try a whole bunch of things,” says the actress, whose range of film appearances in 2009 will include a role in the psychological thriller Peacock and a roller-derby girl in Drew Barrymore‘s feature directorial debut, Whip It.

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