See our five stories that got the strongest reactions this week

Ellen Page’s decision to come out as a lesbian this week got a warm reaction from PEOPLE readers – prompting an outpouring of love and, funnily enough, laughs.

Our coverage of the Juno actress’s Time to THRIVE speech got the most love of any story this week. And a related story – about Patrick Stewart being mistakenly outed by a British newspaper as part of its Page coverage – got the most LOLs.

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Ellen Page revealed in a speech at the Time to THRIVE conference that she is gay. “Maybe I can make a difference,” she said of the welfare of young LGBT people. “To help others have an easier and more hopeful time.”

Well, this was unexpected! Kimberly Fugate, who had been told by doctors that she was having identical triplets, was actually carrying a fourth infant, who’d been hiding during the ultrasounds. She welcomed them all the day before her 42nd birthday.

On a grimmer note, Miranda Barbour, a 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman accused, along with her husband, of murdering a man they met through Craigslist, claimed this week to have killed more than 20 other people across the country.

The week’s saddest story was the news that John Henson, a Muppets puppeteer and son of the late Jim and Jane Henson, died at 48 of a heart attack. He is survived by his wife Gyongyi and two daughters.

Readers didn’t just smile at the news of Ellen Page’s coming out. They also got a chance to laugh – when British newspaper the Guardian mistakenly outed Patrick Stewart as gay as part of their coverage of the story. “At least I didn’t wake up to the Internet telling me I was dead again,” he joked.

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