Ellen Finds 'God,' Wayans Bros. Do 'Munsters'

DeGeneres will star in a remake of Oh, God! while the Wayans brothers take on The Munsters

God and Herman Munster are coming back to Hollywood.

First off, the all-mighty Ellen DeGeneres, 46, will star as the Almighty in a remake of the 1977 George Burns comedy Oh, God! to begin shooting during a break in her syndicated talk show next summer – though her director and disciple (that is, costar) have yet to be decided.

“Ellen is a strong comedian, and she has always done material about God and questions about God,” Jerry Weintraub, who produced the original movie and will also do the remake, tells Variety.

The original, written by Larry Gelbart, turned off most critics but delighted audiences and spawned a few more God movies with Burns. John Denver costarred in the first God as a supermarket manager chosen as a new prophet.

Meanwhile, in other remake news, Herman, Lily, Eddie and Grampa Munster are due to get the big-screen treatment thanks to Keenen Ivory, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, though they do not intend to star in the picture, says Variety.

Keenen Ivory may direct the film, based, of course, on the seminal 1964-66 CBS sitcom The Munsters starring Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis and Butch Patrick, who also appeared in the 1966 big-screen favorite Munster, Go Home, also starring Terry-Thomas.

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