Just Keep Swimming! Ellen DeGeneres Reveals the First Trailer for 'Nemo' Sequel 'Finding Dory'

The upcoming sequel to 'Finding Nemo' focuses on the ever-forgetful Dory's search for her family


If you can still recite “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney” off the top of your head, you might want to sit down for this – the first trailer for Finding Dory is finally here!

Ellen DeGeneres, who reprises her role from 2003’s Finding Nemo as the forgetful blue tang Dory in the upcoming sequel, released the movie’s first trailer on her website on Tuesday.

In the trailer, a no-longer-lost Nemo wakes up to find Dory mumbling nonsense to herself and “sleep-swimming.” His notoriously overprotective father, Marlin, helps him guide Dory back to bed, saying, “I’m sure this was a one time thing.”

Of course, seconds later, Dory is sleep-swimming far away. Once the father-son duo catch up, they find out that Dory is on a mission: She won’t rest until she finds her family. And although she still can’t remember what she was thinking seconds earlier, Dory seems to finally be remembering long-buried memories from her past.

DeGeneres spoke to PEOPLE in August about the long-awaited Disney-Pixar sequel’s plot.

“She’s been lost for a long time, and she’s just tried to act like everything’s fine. And in this film, you see that it’s kind of like she’s taken a little bit of a – she’s paid a toll on it,” DeGeneres said. “She misses the fact that she has a family, and she realizes she has a family. And where are they? Did her parents give her away? Where is her family?”

Dory’s mom will be played by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy will voice her father. Ed O’Neill and Ty Burrell will also dive in as new characters Hank the octopus and Bailey the beluga whale, respectively.

DeGeneres also shared with PEOPLE why she was so excited to reprise this role.

“It means a lot to me because it is a really sweet character. And she’s flawed, and I think that it’s important for kids to grow up and see flawed characters that are lovable and that really, matter if they make mistake after mistake, they have a little surrounding pack, like a friendship with all these other fish that they travel with that forgive her,” DeGeneres said. “And even though they’re frustrated with her, they love her.”

Finding Dory hits theaters June 17, 2016.

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