"Congratulations everyone," she says after the gay marriage rulings. "And I mean everyone."

By People Staff
June 26, 2013 12:30 PM
Jason Merritt/Getty

Ellen DeGeneres is so happy she could dance.

“It’s a supremely wonderful day for equality,” the talk show host Tweeted on Wednesday. “Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone.”

The Supreme Court earlier handed a major victory for gay rights in two decisions. It cleared the way for the resumption of same-sex marriage in California by letting stand earlier court declarations that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional, and struck down the Defense of Marriage Act provision denying federal benefits to married gay couples.

The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been married to actress Portia de Rossi since 2008, tying the knot after California’s high court found the Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional.