Ellen, Anne: Crying 'Wolf'?

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche say they are taking a career hiatus and pulling out of Los Angeles. The couple recently complained about being treated poorly in Hollywood after revealing their romance, and in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times DeGeneres says they’ve had enough. “We’ve quit our agents, let go of our publicist, we’re selling our house and leaving town,” she says. The former “Ellen” star, who became TV’s first openly lesbian lead character, tells the Times she and Heche have decided “to take at least a year off” and suggests they might move to the town of Ojai or San Francisco.

  • Despite the pronouncement by the couple, Variety on Wednesday reports: “They don’t have the agent, still have the publicist and the house, and Heche was last seen driving through Burbank.” According to their publicist Simon Halls, Heche taped the “Tonight” show Tuesday to plug this Friday’s release of her movie “Psycho,” and “the couple is not leaving town immediately, but is taking a break until February. Then they go back to work with DeGeneres doing a standup tour and Heche directing an HBO movie.”
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