Elle Fanning opened up during to Nylon Magazine

Credit: Courtesy Nylon

She might not yet be 18, but it seems Elle Fanning is a force to be reckoned with.

With already nearly 30 films on her resume, the young star has posed for a new shoot with NYLON magazine and opened up about her challenging new role in the drama About Ray, as well as her relationship with sister Dakota Fanning.

The 17-year-old actress first appeared on the silver screen playing a younger version of her sister Dakota in 2001 s I Am Sam and admits to having the advantage in their sibling rivalry.

“When we were little we would fight all the time,” she tells the publication. “I’m taller, so I would be the one beating her up.”

Meanwhile, Fanning’s latest role is playing Ray, a transgender teen who seeks support from her family as she transitions from female to male, and she reveals she prepared for the role by spending time with the transgender community.

“They opened up to me in the most incredible way I’m just a stranger who s doing a movie, but they told me their different journeys and even little details like what chest binder brand is the best one, like, ‘They all suck, but this one s all right,'” she says. “They were so helpful.”

Fanning exclusively told PEOPLE last month she knew it would not be easy to take on the role.

“I definitely knew that it would be a huge challenge to do I ve definitely never done anything like that before,” the actress told PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I have a lot of transgender friends that go to my school, who have made the transition over the summer and have changed their names and used different pronouns,” Fanning added. “So I was used to that.”

About Ray also stars iconic actress Susan Sarandon, who Fanning called “a legend.” The feeling was mutual for Sarandon.

“Elle is like a gangly, enthusiastic colt, bounding out of rooms, laughing, and full of fun,” Sarandon tells NYLON. “Then when it s time to be in character, she settles down with super sharp focus and is fierce. She invested so much time in Ray and his quest for authenticity that it grounds the film. I can’t imagine anyone else in the part.”

Fanning also admits in the interview to believing the truth is out there when it comes to aliens.

“I think about them,” she says “I don’t think we re the only thing in millions of galaxies. Maybe we’ll never meet them, maybe we ll never know about them, but there has to be something, right? I think so.”