The screen legend is "living her life" and working, a friend tells PEOPLE after last month's health scare

By Bryan Alexander
August 19, 2008 01:00 PM
Jon Carrasco

Following last month’s hospitalization, friends of Elizabeth Taylor report that the legendary actress is back home and doing well.

“Ms. Taylor is at home and happy – and busier than ever,” said one friend. “She’s living her life. She’s been having dinner with friends. She’s working.”

Health concerns about the 76-year-actress reached a fever pitch last month, when tabloids reported she was on life support. But her publicist insisted, “Ms. Taylor is fine. The rumors … about her health are dramatic, overstated and untrue.”

Friends of the actress declined to discuss when, exactly, Taylor was released from the hospital.

But, another pal said, she’s already fit enough to plan upcoming trips to Europe and Hawaii – and to weigh in on holiday packaging for her White Diamond fragrance.

Asked to point out the moment the moment he knew Taylor was back in fine form, the source replied, “She never left! She’s always been Elizabeth. And she looks fabulous.”

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