Elizabeth Gilbert/Twitter
November 25, 2016 12:22 AM

Elizabeth Gilbert took to Facebook on Thursday to express what she was most thankful for after a “rough year” – months after revealing she had left her husband to pursue a relationship with her female best friend.

The Eat, Pray, Love author, who announced her new relationship with Rayya Elias two months after separating from husband José Nunes, wrote that she was “grateful that I seem to have lost the stamina for self-hatred.”

“Dear Ones, my heart just isn’t in it any more,” she wrote. “I just can’t commit to those deep, long, self-destructive shame spirals anymore — not like I used to.”

“Even when I fail, and even when it’s all so painful, and even when I don’t rise to my best, I just can’t seem to tie myself to the whipping post anymore,” she continued.

Gilbert explained that she was grateful that she now has a “better sense” of what she can and cannot control. While she acknowledged that what she has no control over feels overwhelming, what she does have a say over is “TINY but so freaking SACRED.”

The author has had a “rough year” but said she’s “been around long enough to know that the hardest years are the years that form you…and so this is GOOD.”

The 47-year-old expressed thanks for her the family she was born with and the family she picked, as well as for growing older, something she writes is a “privilege.”

Gilbert addressed her “destiny” writing she loves being surprised by it. She also has a love of “being challenged to find a more creative and compassion response to every situation that arises.”

This isn’t the first time the author and TEDx speaker has taken to Facebook to address important issues in her life. In September, she revealed her relationship with best friend Elias in a post, writing “Rayya and I are together. I love her, and she loves me.”

She also broke the news of her separation from Nunes on the social media and thanked fans in a later post for their support.

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