Nancy Anania believes author and ex-Edwards aide Andrew Young is lying

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
March 10, 2010 01:20 PM
Splash News Online, ABC

With former John Edwards’s aide – and controversial The Politician author – Andrew Young facing possible jail time at the end of this week, Elizabeth Edwards’s sister, Nancy Anania, sounded a note of vindication when she told PEOPLE that a contempt-of-court finding against Young was “inevitable.”

“People who have read his book know he was willing to lie for years before the book was written,” says Anania. “It would naturally follow he is willing to lie after the book was written.”

Young, whose recently published (and best-selling) book paints an especially ruthless caricature of Anania’s older sister – and Edwards’s now-estranged wife – Elizabeth, has until Friday to avoid 75 days in jail for allegedly lying in sworn statements about a sex tape purportedly of John Edwards and his former mistress, campaign worker Rielle Hunter, who is the mother of the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate’s love child.
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Among the claims in Young’s book that those close to Elizabeth found particularly galling is that he selected most of the furniture for the family’s new home. However, Elizabeth is such a furniture hound that after outfitting her house, she opened a home design and furnishings boutique in nearby Chapel Hill, N.C.

In a tense court hearing Tuesday, North Carolina Superior Judge Abraham Penn Jones twice declared that Young would be jailed, but ultimately decided to give him another three days to come clean with a full accounting of how he and his wife, Cheri, handled the tape and other materials that Hunter is suing to reclaim.

Asked for her reaction to the judge’s finding that Young had lied in at least one affidavit (Young’s attorneys called the discrepancies “memory lapses”), Anania said: “This was inevitable. The very first person who heard the Youngs’ story contested by actual facts concluded that they are lying.”

Elizabeth Edwards declined to comment.