The star, 39, returns as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

By People Staff
Updated November 30, 2013 12:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy Women's Health

Elizabeth Banks admits she curses “like a sailor” and gets a little crafty at home, and she chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last time I was moved to tears
I was driving my [2-year-old] son Felix to school in the morning and singing Natasha Bedingfield s Unwritten, and I burst into tears singing it to him. I blame PMS. There is no reason to be that emotional about it.

Last time I cursed
Oh, I curse like a sailor. My kids love this Mumford & Sons song Little Lion Man, and it has the F-word. We just play it like it s no big deal. We call them grown-up words, and Mommy uses a lot of them!

Last home project
I personally painted the ceiling of my guest bathroom a bright blue. It s this cute little bathroom with woods wallpaper, so I thought it needed a nice sky.

Last injury
I get mystery bruises all the time. Usually after I ve been out drinking. Bill Murray referred to them as badges of honor, and that s a nice way to think of it.

Last reality TV I watched
The Voice! I m so obsessed. I love [contestant] Caroline Pennell, and Cee Lo Green has the most interesting team. I think Team Blake [Shelton] is in trouble this year!