The former Law & Order actress doesn't know what she wants – and that's just fine

By Jenny Sundel and Tim Nudd
Updated October 19, 2007 07:00 AM

Elisabeth Rohm just can’t decide on a plan for her wedding to entrepreneur Ron Wooster. But at least she’s having fun not deciding.

“[I’m] so excited. I’m just debating how long I want to wait [to get married],” Rohm, 34, told PEOPLE on Wednesday at a party in Hollywood for shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

“I did the cover of In Style Weddings that will be out next month, and in it I say I’m getting married [next] September in the Hamptons – which, you know, I think is really what I want to do. But then I keep in the back of my head thinking maybe I should do it, like, next month and just take all my friends with me to, like, Napa.”

That kind of uncertainty may sound like a nightmare to some brides-to-be. But the former Law & Order actress, who recently told PEOPLE she “absolutely” wants a family, seems to take a kind of perverse joy in the whole planning drama.

“The longer you wait to plan it, the more you go crazy,” she admits, “but I think it’s more fun.”

It also sounds like Wooster, Rohm’s entrepreneur fiancé, isn’t exactly making the process easier.

“[He says], ‘Just do it yourself,’ but then I’m doing it myself [and] he’s like, ‘What are you doing?’ ”

One thing Rohm is sure about: She doesn’t want an elaborate or expensive dress. “Simple, simple,” she says. “And don’t spend too much money, because you’ll wear it once.”

Rohm also weighed in on Louboutin, the iconic French shoe designer. “I think what makes him an icon is he created the shoe fetish,” she says. “Well, he and Sarah Jessica Parker!”