The youngest View cohost assures PEOPLE that she and O'Donnell are not enemies


Elisabeth Hasselbeck has her own view about Rosie O’Donnell – she’s a pal.

“Everyone’s always thinking Ro and I don’t get along, we’re ‘enemies,’ ” The View‘s youngest – and most conservative – star, 29, tells PEOPLE for its new issue. “Politically, we’re rivals. That is clear. However, we are personally friends. We are on e-mail all day long with each other.”

As for the gossip reports that O’Donnell’s on-air remarks to Hasselbeck have caused the younger star to cry backstage, Hasselbeck shrugs off the stories, saying, “Under these blonde highlights I consider myself a pretty tough person. So don’t cry for me, Argentina.”

Hasselbeck is equally magnanimous when it comes to the prospect of having more children. “If I could have five kids right now, I’d love that!” she says. “But you realize quickly in life that you’re not totally in charge.”

Still, speaking for herself as well as for her husband, New York Giants Quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, also 29 – the pair are parents to a 2-year-old daughter, Grace – Hasselbeck says, “We’re just trying to be patient, and hopefully in the next year or so I’ll be sharing some good news.”

Not that she has an issue with getting pregnant again. “I just need to get to a place where my body is ready to have another child. I think I’m the only TV person who’s trying to put on 10 lbs.!”

For more from Elisabeth Hasselbeck on being the conservative voice on The View and the show’s next season, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE.