Plus: The former softball star discusses her conservative opinions and baby No. 2

By Courtney Rubin
September 20, 2007 12:00 PM
Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has come under fire for her strong opinions – and it’s her softball expertise that helps her get through the conflicts.

The View cohost and Boston College alum captained her Division-I softball team in two Big East championships, and tells Pregnancy magazine in its November issue that she deals with on-air pressure the same way she did pressure on the field.

“I almost had the same feeling in me as when I had a championship [softball] game and I was up to bat and the pressure was on,” Hasselbeck says of her infamous on-air spat with former View co-host Rosie O’Donnell. “I’m very lucky that tears didn’t come out … Unfortunately when a woman cries, it’s never seen as a sign of strength and never seen in a positive light.”

She adds, “Being a conservative mother isn’t the challenge. Being a conservative in New York City on television is the challenge.”

Hasselbeck, 30, is pregnant with her second child, due in November. She and her husband of five years, New York Giants quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, are also parents to Grace, 2.

“I had more reassurance and affirmation as to why I have felt the things I’ve felt for a long time,” she tells the magazine of getting pregnant. “And as a mom, now I want to make sure that the decisions I’m making and the votes that I’m casting are going to create long-term benefits for Grace and my next child and hopefully more to come after that.”

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