99-Year-Old Indiana Woman Celebrates 80th Year as Prep School Secretary – and She 'Still' Uses a Typewriter!

"Everybody over here is so good to me," Davis, 99, tells PEOPLE

Photo: Courtesy Elisabeth Davis/Culver Academies

Happy 80th “workiversary,” Mrs. Davis!

This year marks Elisabeth Davis’ 80th year as a secretary for Culver Academies, the famed prep school in Culver, Indiana.

“I just like it!” Davis, 99, tells PEOPLE of her historic employment at the boarding school. “Everybody over here is so good to me.”

Davis, who began working for Culver in 1936, started off assisting the school’s dean by transcribing, taking shorthand notes and using a typewriter. And to this day, the 99-year-old foregoes a computer in favor of her beloved typewriter.

“Even though they have a computer and Internet and all that stuff, you still need one hard copy!” explains Davis. “You may lose it if you don’t have a hard copy, so that’s what I do.”

Davis, who grew up on a farm in Culver, studied shorthand after graduating from Culver High in 1935 and quickly applied for a secretarial gig at Culver Academies.

“I got the job!” she says. “We didn’t have much money so I had to have a job, it was a matter of money.”

In 1945, Davis married the love of her life, a dairy farmer named Eldon, and the two quickly started a family.

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Davis took a leave of absence from Culver to take care of her kids, but once they finished school she returned back to work.

Davis says when Eldon died in 2004, she decided to stay on at Culver as a secretary, to keep her mind occupied.

“It’s better to sit here and do what I can do [for the school] instead of being home all by myself since my husband is gone,” she says. “I’m so happy I can be of help!”

Current head of schools, Jim Power, says Davis – who now keeps track of the school’s historical records – is an essential part of his staff.

“Mrs. Davis embodies the values of work ethic, determination, and regard for tradition which make Culver Academies great,” Power tells PEOPLE. “She is a treasure.”

And Davis is just as thankful for her warm and welcoming coworkers (who drive her to work and bring her lunch) as they are for her.

“The good Lord has blessed me!” she says.

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