Plus, a source says she and Tiger are "putting on a charade for the children" and "she wears a chastity belt of spikes"

By Linda Marx and Tim Nudd
March 22, 2010 11:00 AM
L. Cohen/WireImage

Elin Nordegren is not happy in her marriage to Tiger Woods and not inclined to support his comeback – or present a unified family front – by attending the Masters in April, a source close to Nordegren tells PEOPLE.

The source says Nordegren, 30, is focused only on the children – not on Woods, 34, or his career. She has her own room in their Windermere, Fla., home, and often sleeps in a house nearby.

“Elin is going through the motions of family life only to keep the children well grounded,” the source says. “She suffered through the pain of her parents divorcing and doesn’t want to do that to her kids. But she is not happy in the marriage. The trust is gone.”

By day, she may seem to be playing the role of wife. She was even spotted this weekend spending two nights on Woods’s yacht Privacy with only a nanny and son Charlie and daughter Sam. Not surprising, the source says, since “she wears a chastity belt made of spikes. They are not living together as a couple. They are putting on a charade for the children.”

The source does not believe Nordegren will attend next month’s Masters, where Woods will make his comeback after four months off following his sex scandal. “Elin wants to stay away from Augusta and not get involved in the frenzy of the Masters. By not going, she sends a signal that she is staying with Tiger only because of the children. They come first.”
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The source says Nordegren did contact top California divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope but did not hire him, and is now dealing with lawyers closer to home in Florida. “[Woods’s] behavior in the coming weeks will tell us quite a bit,” the source says. “If he falls even slightly one more time, she could still file for divorce despite her interest in holding the family together.”

In an interview this weekend – his first since the scandal broke around Thanksgiving – Woods admitted to having lived “a life of a lie.” He added: “You start coming to the truth of who you really are, and that can be very ugly.”