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June 05, 2010 12:00 PM

Off on a trip to Shanghai for a visit with her brother Axel, a Swedish marketing representative, Elin Nordegren is expected back in Orlando, Fla., by June 18 to celebrate her and Tiger Woods‘s daughter Sam’s third birthday.

“Elin took Sam and Charlie to China but needs to be back in time for Tiger to also be involved with the celebration of Sam’s birthday,” a friend tells PEOPLE.

A source close to the ongoing legal discussions in divorce proceedings between Nordegren and Woods says that a $700-million settlement is not the issue. Causing problems in the negotiations is child custody. They are fighting over the kids.

“Elin now wants full custody of the children because she would prefer they have limited time with Tiger,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Tiger will be generous about a settlement, and in the end will not balk about paying in the neighborhood of $700 million. But he wants joint custody.”

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Nordegren is eager to spend a great deal more time in Sweden and may decide to educate her children there. But regardless of how many months a year she will spend in the U.S., the doting mother wants to be the full decision maker when it comes to her children and their welfare.

“Money will not turn out to be the biggest factor in this divorce,” a source tells PEOPLE. “How Sam and Charlie’s time is divided between parents will be.”

Nordegren’s trip to China was first reported by Radar Online.

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