The ABC host's off behavior Tuesday night causes Twitter to wonder, "Four more years ... or four more beers?"

By Andrea Billups and Alison Schwartz
November 07, 2012 10:00 AM

Barack Obama supporters had plenty to toast to Tuesday night when the President claimed victory over Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Also saying cheers to the end of a tight election season: Diane Sawyer?

Amid the nail-biting unveiling of the presidential election results, some viewers of ABC’s news coverage were just as focused on host Sawyer, 66, wondering on social media if her political celebrating got the best of her. Her seemingly odd conduct was even chronicled by the Associated Press, which noted her slow speech and the way she seemed to hold out her arms to prop herself up as the election night results trickled in.

But as a TV insider tells PEOPLE: “I worked with Diane for many years and she never slurred or acted silly. She does not have an alcohol issue.”

Even so, social media outlets lit up with observations about the veteran broadcaster’s commentary, which seemed off and, at times, slurred, with co-host George Stephanopoulos.

Tired? Tipsy? Here’s what you, a handful of celebs and Sawyer herself were talking about on Twitter as the night unfolded.