The Donald's hair is the real star of the 2016 election

By Diana Pearl
Updated June 06, 2016 03:40 PM
Credit: Richard Drew/AP

When it comes to attention-grabbing elements of the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s hair may fall behind his ideas about policy and Clinton’s emails – but it’s up there.

The Trump hair experts over at The Washington Post managed to wrangle up all the descriptors that have been applied to Trump’s mane throughout the campaign. From a “weird piece of Velcro” to and “epic and luxuriant mop,” the names are plentiful.

But it’s not just names that The Donald’s hair has inspired: It’s also brought the world plenty of memes.

Of the political variety

And the not-so-political.

There are lots of comparisons.

Even to some faces that are familiar to Trump himself.

Meme-makers have found inspiration in nature

and in their everyday surroundings.

Really, Donald Trump hair is everywhere.

All across the globe.

You just need to look for it.

And with many months to go until November, there’s sure to be plenty more memes to come!