Host Alex Dyke sent a car for Bill, who became the show's star that day

U.K. radio DJ Alex Dyke has a show on the BBC called Radio Soylent. Last week, he got a call from a longtime fan named Bill.

Bill, 95, told Dyke that his wife had been hospitalized recently after a fall. The pair, despite being friends for more than 30 years, were newlyweds, having only tied the knot last year. But after her fall, Bill was unable to continue caring for his wife, and so she was admitted to a nursing home, where he visits her every day.

But, Bill told Dyke, he was lonely. He missed his wife. “I don’t think he had anyone else to talk to,” producer Chris Hitchings told BuzzFeed News.

Dyke made an executive decision: He sent a car for Bill, telling him that he was making the man the star of show. Longtime listeners called in to talk to Bill, who found a sympathetic audience to listen to his struggles.

“I just sit with my wife and we tell each other we love each other, and that’s it,” he explained. “She knows who I am and she often says ‘We did get married on the second of June, didn’t we?’ – and that’s when it hurts.”

Listeners offered Bill lunch dates, walks in the park and in one case, a performance from a ukulele orchestra. “I didn’t know such kindness existed,” he said.

Dyke, for his part, called the show his “nicest moments in 30 years of broadcasting.” We’ll take that over Top 40 any day.