Eight Babies Born to Mother: Record

A 27-year-old woman in Houston became the mother of the only known living set of octuplets, with the birth Sunday of five girls and two boys. Another child, a girl, was born on Dec. 8. All eight were in critical condition, with the smallest weighing 11 ounces and the largest 1 pound, 11 ounces. Nkem Chukwu, who had taken fertility drugs, gave birth to seven of the children by Cesarean section about 9 a.m. Until the first child was born 12 days earlier, doctors were unsure how many fetuses Chukwu was carrying because her uterus was so crowded, said Dr. Brian Kirshon. The first girl was 12 weeks premature, and the others were 10 weeks early.

  • “It will be a remarkable feat if all the babies do survive,” said Dr. Kirshon. All are on ventilators. “They’re doing as well as could be expected,” said Dr. Patti Saverick, a pediatrician. “They’re hanging in there.” It would be at least two months before the babies could be released. Their mother is in stable condition, Kirshon said.
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