It's a sad day for Sheerios everywhere

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated December 08, 2020 10:45 AM
Credit: Splash News Online

It’s a sad day for Sheerios everywhere.

In case you missed it/are not crying right now, Ed Sheeran posted an important note on his Instagram announcing that he’ll be undergoing a social media cleanse of sorts. This break, he says, will allow the Grammy nominee “to travel the world and see everything I missed” rather than being glued to Twitter and Instagram.

Brave? In a time when documenting every coffee run is considered the norm, we’d have to say yes. Totally unfair to fans everywhere? You can’t even begin to grasp the pain (unless you’re a Sheerio, of course.)

Sure, the “Thinking Out Loud” crooner has assured fans he’ll make his triumphant return next fall, with a third album the singer says is his best work to date, no less, but that’s not really keeping our chill in check – especially when our happiness solely depends on regular Ed and T-Swift ‘grams.

But hope is not lost, especially when PEOPLE’s got your back with a five-step guide on coping with the singer’s social media absence – and what to do with all that spare time (now that double-tapping new Sheeran pics is a thing of the past). Cue “Lego House” and bring on the endless ice cream binge.

1. Alert Your Fellow Sheerios

And make it an extra special message by sending them a clip of yourself using this Ed-approved app that makes you sound like a helium-induced human. Never forget.

2. Start a Greatest Hits Shrine

And, no, we’re not talking just “Don’t” lyrics. Charming tweets and Instagram pics are what make Sheeran’s star power shine even brighter. Come on, who wouldn’t want this adorable photo of Dr. Ed Sheeran on their wall?

3. Cross as Many Things Off Your Bucket List as You Can

Bonus points if “Meet Doug the Pug” comes true for you, too.

4. Discover New Music

Ed revealed the release of a faux country album (stripped version available here) on Instagram, and that might just be the push we need to finally become acquainted with some new playlist additions – you know, until Ed comes back with his third album.

5. Stalk Taylor Swift’s Instagram (If You Aren’t Already)

As the honorary male member of Swift’s squad, Ed is bound to make a cameo on Swift’s Instagram. We’ll be watching, Tay.