"I might've welled up," wrote Sheeran in a Tweet accompanying the heartwarming video

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
May 07, 2015 08:45 AM

Are you ready for your daily cry?

At his concert in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, Ed Sheeran invited a man onstage after noticing a sign that he was waving around throughout the entire show.

With his girlfriend in tow, the man proved he was meant for the stage when he launched into a loving, effusive speech that was, naturally, peppered with Sheeran lyrics. “Just ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ here,” he began, going on to tell his girlfriend that he knew there was no way he could let her go once he realized how “amazing” and “talented” she was, not to mention “so beautiful, inside and out.”

As this was going on, you can see Sheeran watching, rapt, at the edge of the frame.

The speech ended in the man getting down on one knee and proposing. Judging by the chorus of “Aww”s that accompanied nearly every one of the man’s words, there was presumably not a dry eye in the house – including Sheeran’s.

The singer-songwriter, 24, shared the sweet moment on Twitter early Thursday morning, writing: “I might’ve welled up, but don’t say anything.”