By Catherine Donaldson-evans and Pearl Barraclough
Updated March 20, 2010 10:45 AM
Credit: Matt Baron/BEImages

Movie vampire Nikki Reed says she wanted to “die” shooting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse because it was so emotionally and physically draining.

“We’re always standing out in like 30-degree weather, with pouring rain, trying to keep our vampire makeup intact,”she told PEOPLE at designer Yotam Solomon’s fashion show in Los Angeles. “It’s hectic, it’s crazy, it’s very jam-packed full of emotion.”

“We were doing a lot of stunts, too much in too little time,” Reed, 21, said, calling life on set “tough.” “The hardest part is trying to fly around on cables in the woods at 6 o’clock, fighting the sunset and stuff. And looking like we’re not cold and super powerful, when we just want to die.”

But, she added, filming “really amazing scenes” with pal Kristen Stewart was “lovely.”

“She’s my buddy,” Reed said. “We love each other. We had fun shooting together.”