The caregivers have battled the worst Ebola outbreak in the world's history

December 10, 2014 08:40 AM

The Ebola caregivers, who have courageously fought the biggest outbreak of the deadly disease in history with a “hero’s heart,” have been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

Notes Time of its selection: “There was little to stop the disease from spreading further. Governments weren’t equipped to respond; the World Health Organization was in denial and snarled in red tape. First responders were accused of crying wolf, even as the danger grew. But the people in the field, the special forces of Doctors Without Borders/M decins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the Christian medical-relief workers of Samaritan’s Purse and many others from all over the world fought side by side with local doctors and nurses, ambulance drivers and burial teams.”

The announcement was made on the Today show Wednesday morning.

Among those on the finalists list for the award were the Ferguson protestors, who rose up and made their voices heard after the police shooting death of teen Michael Brown, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Taylor Swift and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Past winners have included Pope Francis in 2013, and President Barack Obama in 2012.

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