December 17, 2015 01:00 PM

Though the arrival of the holiday season brings many exciting, wonderful things (Presents! Decorations! Peppermint in every edible form imaginable!), it also brings the one thing that all of us secretly dread the most about the gift-giving: wrapping presents.

It doesn’t matter how creative or how coordinated you are in your day-to-day life, there’s something about a roll of wrapping paper, a roll of tape and a handful of ribbons that strikes fear in the hearts of many. After all, who wants to spend hours and hours searching for the perfect gift, only to hand it over to its recipient looking like the survivor of some tragic postal accident?

Thankfully, the Internet is here to save us all from ourselves. With a few simple, easy touches, you can finally step up your wrapping game, and impress your friends and family before they even unwrap your carefully selected, no doubt life-changing gift.

1. Use Tissue Paper to Make Your Gifts Look Like Candies
Forget folding, cutting, and taping – all you need to take your present to the next level is some tissue paper and ribbon. Stick your present in the middle, wrap it up and tie a ribbon around each end to trick your friends and family into thinking you got them the biggest, best peppermint of all time.

2. Wrap Old Pringles Tubes to Gift Cookies
Is this basically just an excuse to eat an entire tube of Pringles in one sitting? Yes. Is it still an adorable, unexpected way to gift your loved ones with some delicious home-baked treats? Definitely.

3. Put a Bow on It
If you can tie your shoes, you can tie a bow. Splurge on some fancy, satin-y ribbon, and take your time wrapping a nice, large bow on top of your present, instantly dressing up your box and covering up the way you totally crumpled the wrapping paper while you tried to tape it.

4. Use Metallic Pens to Draw on Gift Boxes
Avoid all of this wrapping nonsense entirely by simply doodling on a plain cardboard gift box to personalize things and add a little bit of flair. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly artistic, you can’t go wrong with a few well-placed stars or polka dots.

5. Use Newspaper or Magazine Pages as an Alternative to Wrapping Paper
Make your loved ones think that you’re smarter and more cultured than they realize by using old newspaper pages to add a fun twist to your gifts they’ll never need to know that you forgot to pick up wrapping paper this year.

6. Glitter Covers a Multitude of Mistakes
If Kesha swears by it, it can’t be wrong. If you want to minimize the mess, take a strip of clear tape, gently press some chunky glitter or confetti into the tape and then firmly press it down onto your wrapped gift (solid-colored paper is most effective), However, if you secretly hate the person you’re gifting to, simply cover the entire thing in glitter, and know that your revenge will last for years. Glitter is forever.

7. Have Your Puppy Present the Gift
Everyone will be so busy cooing over your dog, they won’t even notice your embarrassing wrapping job. Problem solved!

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