He made bad guys sweat in “Dirty Harry,” but now Clint Eastwood, 70, has had to undergo the kind of interrogation he’s used to dishing out as a big screen tough guy. The Oscar-winning actor and director (1992’s “Unforgiven”) took the stand yesterday in a San Jose, Calif., court to answer charges that his hotel, Mission Ranch, located outside of Carmel, Calif., violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, reports the Associated Press. Eastwood is being sued by Diane zum Brunnen, a woman with muscular dystrophy who claims his renovated hotel was not “fully accessible to her wheelchair.” The suit, which was filed in 1997, centers around zum Brunnen’s complaints that Mission Ranch, a 150-year-old dairy farm before it was renovated into a hotel, didn’t have a convenient wheelchair-accessible bathroom and that rooms for the disabled were $225 while rooms for non-disabled were $85. Eastwood answered questions about the specifics of the renovation and said he was not fully aware of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. “This is an ongoing process and it’s an ongoing process today,” he said about work on the hotel.