The earthquakes have been low-magnitude, but there have been a lot of them

By Alex Heigl
Updated January 13, 2015 03:35 PM
Credit: Joshua Blake/Getty

Plainfield, Connecticut, has a new claim to fame this week. Henceforth, the area shall no longer be known as “the former Quinebaug country.” No, now it shall be known as “the site of many small earthquakes in one week.”

The town, population approximately 15,000, was hit by a 2.0 magnitude quake last Thursday, and another 3.1 magnitude quake rocked the area on Monday morning. UPDATE: The Associated Press is now reporting that there were actually five small quakes that occurred Monday, including the the larger one. Four quakes occurred Monday during a 20-minute-span, and a 1.3-magnitude aftershock was recorded just after noon.

However, Plainville has nothing on Irving, Texas, which has had 13 – count ’em, 13 – smaller earthquakes since the beginning of the year. The town will be getting 22 new seismographs to keep up with the data.

“Some are blaming fracking,” Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne told The Dallas Morning News, “though from what I understand we don’t [currently] have any fracking in Irving.”

“Some are blaming the fact we imploded Texas Stadium,” Van Duyne continued. “Some are blaming DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] and 183 construction. Some are saying it’s because of the drought. Some are saying it’s not a city issue – please don’t waste time and taxpayer dollars; it’s an earthquake; you’re not God.”

We’d just like to casually point out that Tremors turns 25 this year.

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