E! News Host Catt Sadler Finalizes Her Divorce from Rhys David Thomas: 'It's Bittersweet,' She Says

"We loved one another, we respected one another, but neither of us were completely happy," Sadler tells PEOPLE exclusively

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Catt Sadler and Rhys David Thomas have finalized their divorce, PEOPLE confirms.

“Honestly, it’s bittersweet,” E! News co-host Sadler tells PEOPLE exclusively of her split from entrepreneur Thomas after five years of marriage. “Divorce is never easy, I don’t care who you are or what the circumstances are. It’s a very, very heavy feeling — and at the same time it feels like a weight has been lifted.”

Sadler and Thomas split in January 2016, and Sadler, who also hosts E!’s new live talk show Daily Pop, filed for divorce in March of that year.

“When you want the best for somebody and the best out of your marriage but you’ve exhausted every possibility, it gets to the point where you have to let one another be free,” she says. “So it was very mutual in that sense.”

After their initial split last year, Sadler says the two “maintained a good friendship and stayed in touch,” even attempting to give the relationship “one last big effort,” though it ultimately dissolved again.

“After this last attempt to save the marriage, we signed the final papers a couple of weeks ago,” she says.

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As for what went wrong, Sadler says that while the two loved each other, they just couldn’t make it work.

“It wasn’t just growing apart, and it wasn’t anything scandalous, but you just get to this point where your day-to-day operation as a married couple either works or it doesn’t, and it just wasn’t working,” she admits. “We loved one another, we respected one another, but neither of us were completely happy.”

“We tried and tried and tried,” she says. “But there’s a point where you’re like, ‘We have one life and I’m not afraid to say I want it all.’ ”

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These days, Sadler says she’s doing her best to move on and is dating again.

“It’s not scary — I’ve been doing so much work on myself through the last year,” she says. “I’ve been doing hot yoga and reading and working on myself and everything else in my life is going so well, so as far as dating goes, I’m wide open. My heart is wide open, and I’m not scared because I feel like I’m in a really good place. If you get rid of the clutter or weight taking up negative space in your life, you feel so much better.”

“Even though it’s hard and heartbreaking, I don’t think you can stay in that headspace for too long before you figure out what’s next,” she says. “But I’m not getting married anytime soon — and I’m not sure if I ever will again.”

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