By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 11, 2003 03:33 PM

Allegedly suspicious-sounding e-mails — written and sent in the months prior to the arrest of Robert Blake and his bodyguard Earle Caldwell — were presented in court Monday by a detective testifying in Blake’s preliminary hearing, reports the Associated Press.

The hearing, which is expected to conclude this week, will determine whether the ex-“Baretta” star, 69, will face trial on murder, solicitation of murder, conspiracy and lying in wait charges in connection with the fatal shooting of wife Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, in May 2001.

Blake has denied all charges against him.

Caldwell, who is charged with conspiracy, reportedly stated in e-mails to his girlfriend, Lisa Johnson, that something was about to occur “that could send me far away,” testified Detective Brian Tyndall, who did not interpret what they meant, says AP.

Tyndall said Caldwell wrote in another e-mail: “I’m sorry that the fact I am saving someone’s life interfered with your schedule. … And it’s not just Robert’s I’m talking about. Think about it.”

Following Tyndall’s testimony Monday, Detective Thomas Mathew took the stand and said that when he searched Caldwell’s home he found a catalogue for ordering manuals on how to build gun silencers, and for publications such as “The Killing Zone,” detailing ambushes, reports AP.

Caldwell’s attorney, Arna Zlotnik, pointed out that the material did not instruct; rather, they merely listed items for purchase.

Mathew reportedly said he did not know whether Caldwell ordered any of the material.