De Rossi writes about the "heartbreaking" feud with Mutts & Moms

By Tim Nudd
October 25, 2007 06:30 PM
Michael Buckner/Getty

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s saga over Iggy, the dog they adopted then gave away to a friend’s family, is detailed in a set of e-mails posted online.

The correspondence, posted on the Smoking Gun, reveals the couple’s initial love for dog, their decision to give him away, and the shock expressed by pet-rescue agency Mutts & Moms at that development.

A partner at Mutts & Moms, Marina Baktis, tells the couple that Iggy’s relocation constitutes “a betrayal of our trust” and a violation of the contract, to which de Rossi replies, “Your email is truly heartbreaking to many people.”

There is also one e-mail from DeGeneres’s hair stylist, Cheryl, who pleads that after two weeks, Iggy is “bonded and loved by our family.” Unmoved, Baktis insists he must be returned.

A rep for DeGeneres had no comment on the e-mails.