Dying Jade Goody In Final Stage of Battle

The mom of two's failing condition dashes plans to celebrate Mother's Day early

Photo: Chris Joseph/Landmark/JPI

Jade Goody had hoped to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, a week earlier than the British normally observe the holiday, but her spokesperson Max Clifford tells PEOPLE this now seems unlikely given what he calls her “critical” condition.

“She was hoping to be well enough to see the boys but at the moment she is in a very bad state, she is very unwell,” Clifford reports from the reality star’s home in Essex. Goody, 27, has two sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4. She became famous in the U.K. after appearing on the British version of Big Brother, and her heroic fight against cervical cancer has been intimately chronicled in the press.

Goody left London’s Royal Marsden Hospital on Wednesday to spend her final days with her husband Jack Tweed, her mother and her boys, but Clifford says she has been too sick to be with her sons very much. “She saw the boys for a few hours on Wednesday.” (The boys saw their mother again on Sunday, according to the Mail on Sunday newspaper.)

Heavily Sedated

Although nurses on duty at her home in the town of Upshire have been able to control her crippling pain, Clifford says the painkillers appear to take their own toll. “The more sedated she is, the weaker she gets,” he says. “It’s a very critical time.”

“She is unconscious a lot of the time, almost in a coma-like state” – although he stresses she is not in an actual coma. “She’s heavily sedated, so she comes round for maybe a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds and she goes again. She seems to be aware that Jack and [her mother] Jackiey are here,” says Clifford.

Goody had an extra visitor at lunchtime Sunday, according to her spokesperson: “A priest came to the house today to sit with her and they all said a few prayers together.”

“It’s just a matter of when,” adds Clifford.

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