Johnson made one young fan's day

By Naja Rayne
Updated March 14, 2016 08:30 PM
Credit: Getty

A young fan got the surprise of a lifetime when he was visited by one of his favorite actors.

In a video posted to Instagram on Monday, Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson shared the heartwarming moment he unexpectedly dropped by during the boy’s stay at a Savannah, Georgia hospital.

“When I surprised Maleak at the Pediatric Specialty Ward in Savannah, he ran into my arms and gave me a huge hug,” Johnson, 43, captioned the clip. “Now I’m not just talking about any kind of hug this boy gave me a BEAR HUG.”

Although the actor didn’t specify what Maleak was in the hospital for, he did comment on the young boy’s strength.

“He’s already stronger than I’ll ever be, but physically he gave me the hug of all hugs. Trust me, I’m a hugger so I know,” he added. “So good to spend some time with Maleak and his mama. Talked about everything from my movies, wrestling to how important it is that he eat all of his food. Let’s get that appetite up buddy.

“I say it often and its true. I’m a lucky lucky dude to be able to do what I do and reactions and meet ins like this one with Maleak will always be the best part of fame. You stay strong big man. Keep that smile on your face, keep giving out those bear hugs and make sure you’re eating all your food! All of it!:) Your bud~DJ”

The Baywatch star also visited other patients during his visit to the hospital. After hearing that one mom was asking production staff if Johnson would visit her son, he made a detour on his way back to set and met with Christopher.

“Right before I left his mom looked at him and said, ‘Christopher I can’t give you anything, but I’m so happy I could give you this today…’ and she started to breakdown, which was captured in this pic,” he wrote alongside a photo of the moment.

The former wrestler has been known to be charitable, sharing various instances on his giving back on social media.

In December, Johnson gifted his uncle a brand new truck for Christmas.

“I’ll never forget what he did for me when I had nothing,” he captioned the photo collage, which included photos of his uncle as a wrestler, as well as a recent photo of the pair in front of the car.