Albert L. Ortega/Getty; Courtesy The Rock
July 15, 2015 08:25 AM

There’s no question that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is tough. He’s survived natural disasters and completed the 12 Labors, but, could he really keep smiling with his finger bent like that?

In a graphic new Instagram video, the actor shows off his seemingly very broken finger on the set of his 2016 film Central Intelligence.

“I just stopped off set, my director Rawsen Thurber just ran up to me, we had a little accident,” Johnson says in the clip, before panning down to his gruesome injury. “He said ‘are you bleeding?’ I said ‘bleeding? I ain’t got time to bleed.’ Alright, let’s pop this son-of-a-b—- back in.”

Never fear, though, the gag-inducing break is just a fake! A rep confirmed to Variety that the 43-year-old’s ‘injury’ is just a prothesis.

In Central Intelligence Johnson plays a CIA contract killer who reunites with his high school friend, an accountant, whom he eventually recruits into a covert operation. Kevin Hart costars, and Aaron Paul is also signed on to the project from We’re the Millers director Thurber.

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