Two officers in the Netherlands helped feed a mother's five children after she was rushed to the hospital

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated November 14, 2015 11:10 AM

Talk about going beyond the call of duty!

Two police officers in Eindhoven, Netherlands, tested their culinary capabilities earlier this week after answering a call to the home of a young mother with hypoglycemia.

The officers, from the Eindhoven Police department, decided to pitch in around the woman’s home after she was rushed to the hospital with low blood sugar, according to a translated post on the department’s Facebook page.

The woman’s five young children were left unattended while the authorities attempted to locate a caretaker, so the officers stepped up. After making fried egg sandwiches (with some healthy fruit on the side, of course) for the children, both men also took over cleaning duties – washing and drying the dishes.

In the selfie posted alongside the story, the two handsome officers were in a kitchen in full uniform. One of the officers wore blue rubber gloves as he washed a pan in the sink.

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In a post Saturday, the Eindhoven Police thanked Facebook users for the positive response to the viral image, which has received over 95,000 likes.

Translated to English, the post said the officers were “grateful” that a “small gesture” could be heartwarming to many, and that they had never expected the story to reach such a large audience.