October 09, 2003 10:00 AM

It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. The lewd, crude and tattooed rocker has made tabloid headlines lately for his very public crush on newly separated actress Halle Berry — and the band’s newest album, “Results May Vary,” shows off the rocker’s milder, more sensitive streak.

Now, however, he and his bandmates are back in trouble, this time with “fans” in Chicago who are ticked off over a 17-minute concert that Limp Bizkit gave in July at a local racetrack. The concertgoers have filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit claiming the band cut short its set after sending “obscene and profane messages to the crowd via four giant monitors.”

The complaint, filed in Cook County and posted on the Smoking Gun Web site, also alleges that Durst, 33, yelled “disgusting homophobic and anti-gay statements” at the crowd, continuing his vulgar diatribe even after leaving the stage. The suit seeks a $25 refund for each of the 40,000 attendees at the “Summer Sanitarium Tour” show, which also featured Linkin Park and headliner Metallica.

Perhaps Durst will take the legal challenge in stride. The star told MTV recently that he’s become more adept at handling “the rage that lives inside of me.”

“My approach to (confrontation) now is past the screaming part,” Durst tells the network. “It’s 10 times more dangerous to go past that and know what it is that you’re trying to express. That can be therapy, and that’s what happened to me in a weird way. That’s why there is not so much screaming.”

Durst also recently got in touch with his gentler side after meeting Berry, who appears in a Limp Bizkit video from the soundtrack to her new film “Gothika.” The frontman told GQ magazine he programmed love songs from Cyndi Lauper and Al B. Sure into the actress’s iPod to show his affection.

Meanwhile, for those keeping score, USA Today puts L’Affaire Berry into perspective by publishing a handy list of Durst’s recent celebrity obsessions. His high-wattage linkages also include crushes on actress Thora Birch and pop tart Britney Spears, and a previous relationship with Carmen Electra.

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