In this month’s British Vogue, Duffy, the Welsh pop-soul princess admits that she regrets parts of her childhood.

Currently Number 7 on the Billboard charts with Rockferry, the soul singer has received praise from music critics for her big voice and similarities to Dusty Springfield and fellow UK talent Amy Winehouse,,20201454,00.html.

Born Aimee Ann Duffy in Nefyn, North Wales, the 23 told British Vogue — in which she appears in a retro 70s-style shoot — that her childhood and teen years were chaotic.” “I started getting boyfriends, a lot of them into drink and drugs,” said Duffy. “I was quite extreme. I had piercings and short hair. I did a lot of things in my teens that I really regret.

The singer, who is currently single, told Vogue that during her teenage years, she often became involved with older men who claimed they would help further her career.

It was dangerous really, Duffy explained. All these people were trying to control me at every stage, and I was always trying to run away from them. I just wanted to play a part in music. That or die trying.